• Phone : (406) 770-3055
  • Opening Time : Call for info
  • Address : 4241 2nd Avenue North

ABC/FOX – New Play ‘n’ Learn Academy

The new daycare center is about four times the size of their old building, with four infant rooms, three preschool rooms, and two toddler rooms.

The project started 4 1/2 years ago when owner and director Raegen Breeden wanted to make a daycare that met the needs of the Great Falls community.

Now, they’re on their 12th day of operation.

The new facility allows them to care for 130 children and is designed to offer a free and creative learning atmosphere.

The staff is highly qualified, each with highly qualified credentials and a degree in child development or a related field.

For Reagen and her staff, the children always come first.

“The building is something that I learned over the four years that I learned while I was in school and something that is researched based on how children should learn in an environment that’s safe for them in a way that is adaptable to each family and to each child,” explained Raegen Breeden.

The daycare also has an open door policy; however, every door outside of the main area is locked with a code only the staff knows.

The new facility also comes with a unique breast feeding room that allows moms, dads, grandparents, etc to take their child and spend some quality one on one time with them.

Currently, there are 29 spots available and open for registration.

Prices range from $44.50 per day for 0-2 years old, $40 a day for 2-3 years old, and $35 for 3-5 years old.

Looking forward, Raegen says they’re hoping to complete their playgrounds by this spring, which will include items that challenge the children in a fun and educational way.

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