• Phone : (406) 770-3055
  • Opening Time : Call for info
  • Address : 4241 2nd Avenue North

Summer Program – Click Here For Info

Play N Learn Academy is excited to introduce our first “Summer Camp Program” for school age children only, ages 5-10.  The ratio is 16-1 for this age group and it will be located at our other facility.  We have designed and created opportunities for learning using our community programs and resources, professionals or guest speaker’s in the field of interest, and field trips to support hands on learning.

This program is Monday – Friday and requires full time enrollment.  The cost is $175.00 a week and includes all cost’s associated with the summer activities, to include swimming lessons.

If you have questions please reach out to the main office at 406-770-3055 for enrollment, space is very limited!

Ages 0-3
$55/day-5 Days a Week
$60/day-4 Days a Week
$65/day-3 Days a Week
$70/day-2 Days a Week
Ages 3 and Up
$50/day-5 Days a Week
$55/day-4 Days a Week
$60/day-3 Days a Week
$65/day-2 Days a week