• Phone : (406) 770-3055
  • Opening Time : Call for info
  • Address : 4241 2nd Avenue North

Preschool – Click Here For Info

Play N Learn Academy has 3 classroom’s at our new location.  These classrooms were designed to accommodate ages 3-5 years and focus on learn through play concept.  We strive to provide realistic experiences that focus on child led activities using the Project Approach, Creative Curriculum and Zoo Phonics.  One of the reason’s we choose Zoo Phonics as part of our educational program is because this is something your child is introduced to in the Great Falls Public School System.  We strive to provide your child with the best tools possible for a successful start into kindergarten.

Our staff are highly qualified in these room’s and Play N Learn Academy prides it self on the importance of staff education.  Our teacher’s all hold a Bachelor’s Degree or Associates Degree in the Early Childcare Field.  Our ratio’s are 8-1 or 10-1 depending on age with a max capacity of 16.

Please watch for the launch of our New Pre-K program opening at our other location in September 2019!  Please call the main office with questions or enrollment at 406-770-3055!

Ages 0-3
$55/day-5 Days a Week
$60/day-4 Days a Week
$65/day-3 Days a Week
$70/day-2 Days a Week
Ages 3 and Up
$50/day-5 Days a Week
$55/day-4 Days a Week
$60/day-3 Days a Week
$65/day-2 Days a week