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  • Address : 4241 2nd Avenue North

Infants – Click Here For Info

Play N Learn Academy has designed 3 infant room’s to meet the developmental stages for infants.  We focus on individual development when placing your child into their new classroom.  Our classroom’s are broken down into non-mobile, new-mobile, and mobile infants.  We have chosen this concept based off safety, research and development.  As part of our infant classroom’s we have also designed a welcoming space for breastfeeding, this is something our program supports and encourages.

Our ratio’s are 4-1 with a max enrollment in each room being 8 children.  Our staff are highly qualified and trained in accordance with licensing, the STAR’s program and the approach of Play N Learn Academy.

Ages 0-3
$55/day-5 Days a Week
$60/day-4 Days a Week
$65/day-3 Days a Week
$70/day-2 Days a Week
Ages 3 and Up
$50/day-5 Days a Week
$55/day-4 Days a Week
$60/day-3 Days a Week
$65/day-2 Days a week